Project Hope & Fairness Chocolate artisans is dedicated to offering high quality chocolates, sourced and produced in an ethical manner. All chocolates come directly from planter villages in Ivory Coast. We make our own chocolate from single source beans grown and obtained through direct trade.


Project Hope & Equity is an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901. It was created by members of the NGOHope and Fairness”, whose goal is to support Ivorian cocoa growers and producers, with a view to developing a range of chocolates for sale in France and Europe.


doodle cacao

Our association aims to:

  1. Support local development in cocoa producing villages in West Africa by:
    • transformation and sale of chocolates in France and Europe
    • financing and the development of tools on site
  2. Solicit donations and grants
  3. Engage with other actors to accomplish our goals


Since November 2021 we have set up our production workshop in Saint-Martin-Laguépie (Tarn).
The chocolate arrives directly from Ivory Coast in the form of blocks (55%, 70%, 80%, 100%) and is then worked by hand to make our various products (truffles, tablets, bars, speculoos, penuche, beans ).
We import chocolate from two villages, Depa and Pezoan, located near the town of Issia, in the south-east of Côte d'Ivoire.

Our goal is also to encourage production within the villages themselves and to allow planters to benefit from fairer remuneration. By manufacturing and selling their products themselves, they could receive up to 40% of the revenue (compared to 4% if they only sell the beans).

All the chocolate we use comes from Ivory Coast. More than 75% of all cocoa beans in the world come from West African countries. Among these countries is the Ivory Coast, which produces about 42% of the world harvest.





Our products

  • African Choco Fudge Bar (32g)
    Présentation chocofudgebar
  • Chocolate speculoos hearts (Box of 15 pieces, 275g)
    Cœur de spéculos au chocolat
  • Beans (60g bags)
    Présentation fèves de chocolat
  • Candied cocoa beans (55g bags)
    Fèves de cacao confites
  • Penuche (Chocolate fudge) (50g bags)
    Présentation pénuche chocolat
  • Powders and flakes (250g bags)
    Présentation poudres et éclats de chocolat
  • Tablet (28g)
  • Truffles (40g bags)
    Presentation truffles